Frequently Asked Questions
What is (How It Works)?

Salary is an anonymous platform from which no personal data is required by users. It is the platform inspired by the most frequently asked question in interviews, "how much do you expect the salary?" and aims to find the average salary for job positions in Kosovo. The platform is a product of KosovaJob - the leading job board in the Kosovo market.

How can serve you?

Once you fill in the details for your position you will finally have a result of the average salary for your job position. There you will see if your salary is below or above average compared to your colleagues in the same position.

How accurate is

The more it is filled by workers of the same job position, the more accurate the average. It will also be monitored by our staff if there may be any figures out of the ordinary (example: € 50,000) so as not to break the average.

What does the Gross / Net calculator offer at

The payroll calculator is used to calculate net pay and taxes payable.
First, you need to choose your gross salary to calculate it on the net.

What does the Living Cost Calculator offer at

Calculate the cost of living, work, various expenses, based on salary using calculators. The calculator lets you manage how much you are spending compared to how much you are earning.

It also lets you see how much you are spending in different categories:

-Calculate the time how many years of work you need to become a millionaire, based on the salary you receive - expenses!

-Calculate the time how many years of work you need to pay off the loan you have or want, based on the salary you receive - expenses!

-Calculate the time how many years of work you need to pay the University you study, based on the salary you receive - expenses!

What offers to employers!

Empower your Company with data available with current, consistently valid source:

-Analytics: Salary for the position by region, education, work experience, company size, etc.

-Statistics and data sets: Make smarter decisions about appraisal, employee pay.

-Payroll (management of workers' wages): Calculation of gross pay, legal and illegal deductions, and achievement of net salary, management and coordination of monthly salaries.

Position Ranking: Find rankings for each job position based on experience and pay.

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